Boarding & Daycare

Whether working a long day, or going out of town, Camp Canine provides excellent, experienced care for your pet.

Doggy Daycare

Camp Canine provides doggy daycare for your furry kid.  Daycare is great for dogs of all sizes and ages.  The dogs start their day with a ride to camp in the Camp Canine van.  All dogs are kept in secured kennels to ensure a safe ride.  Once getting to camp, the dogs are able to run and play in small, supervised playgroups.  Interaction with other dogs is beneficial to any dog, no matter the age.  Young dogs run and play, while the seniors spend their time interacting with their buddies while exploring together.  Along with play time, we also work on basic training.  Good manners (basic commands, no digging, barking, etc.) are greatly encouraged and are things we work on throughout the day.  Puppies at camp take a short nap half way through the day.  The day ends with a ride home in the van where the dogs all snooze before arriving home.  

Luxury Overnight Care

Going on vacation?  Why not let your pet go on their very own vacation!? Camp Canine provides luxury overnight care while you are away.  With cozy rooms, and comfy beds, your dog will feel right at home at Camp Canine.  Dogs get to be apart of the daycare program during the day.  After spending a busy day at camp, pups are usually tired out for the evening.  They spend their evening lounging around the indoor facility in their own area.  One of our staff members comes back in the evening to get the dogs ready for bed.  Weekend hours vary, but we are in and out all day. We spend hours there with them, giving them plenty of time to play with the other dogs.  Professional, experienced staff make sure your dog has a wonderful stay at Camp Canine!

Professional, experienced staff make sure your dog has a vacation of their very own!


With an experienced, licensed groomer on-site, your dog can spend the end of their day getting spoiled at the spa!  

Theresa of K-9 D-Tails can do a full groom or just a sparkle bath.  There's nothing better than  a clean and happy pet! 

To contact Theresa, call her at 231.329.0050