Camp Canine provides doggy daycare and luxury overnight care for your furry kid.  With experienced, professional staff, your pet is always in good hands.  At Camp Canine, we not only promote excellent pet care but also good behavior.   While your pet is with us, along with spoiling your pet, we are also always working on good manners.

Camp Canine is located at 11999 Cleveland St. in Nunica, Michigan.  We have a variety of areas for the dogs to play while at daycare.  With a large playroom for big dogs, and smaller areas for little dogs, the pups get to enjoy a full day of play and socialization.  We have outdoor kennels for the dogs to potty and spend some time outdoors.  We also have open fields and plenty of areas for walking.  Dogs staying overnight get to cozy up in one of the play areas or rooms at the end of the daycare day.  We occasionally take field trips to a farm located about a mile and a half away, weather and schedule permitting. 


The dogs also spend time at the owner's property about 15 minutes from Camp.  Located on 3 acres of land, with lots of fenced in yards, and a very dog friendly home, pups get to run and play and stay overnight in a home environment.  Overnights take place at either Camp or Calli's home depending on the dogs and the schedule.  We look at each dog's individual needs, and place them in the setting that suits them best. 

Camp Canine even provides transportation to and from daycare.  We have two large vans filled with kennels for safe transport.  We  also have a groomer on-site.  Whether just spending the day or after a doggy vacation, your dog can be groomed before it comes home!

We are open for daycare Monday through Friday.  Our hours are 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.  Hours can vary.  Overnights are available 7 nights a week.  Pick ups and drop offs are available on Saturday and Sunday.  Most weekends, our available drop off and pick up times are 9 AM and 6 PM.  These hours can vary, and are by appointment only.

About us

​“Camp Canine is awesome! Millie sits by the window and waits to be picked up by Miss Calli and runs to the door with her tail wagging when the Yellow Camp Bus arrives. She comes home hungry and tired from all of the play time.." 

​                                Millie's owner